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Claims Defensibility – Mock Trial Training

Organisations and employees are often unfamiliar with claims and court processes relating to personal injury claims. Additionally, there is often insufficient time for insurers and legal representatives to provide a detailed explanation of the process prior to attending court.

This lack of understanding creates confusion when a claim is received and a feeling of unpreparedness prior to court proceedings. As a result, payments towards the cost of claims, along with insurance premiums, may increase.

What is Mock Trial Training?

Training provides an overview of how the personal injury claims process works prior to the commencement of court proceedings. It includes the actual litigation process and insight into what to expect at court.

Mock Trials cover the following claims areas:

  • Motor accident
  • Accident at work
  • Public liability accident
  • Construction site accident

What are the benefits?
Mock Trial Training helps increase the understanding of personal injury and court process as well as other benefits including:
  • Helping identify improvements in an organisation’s policies, procedures and documentation
  • Providing assistance on the measures to improve the prospect of defending claims
  • Helping achieve more success at trial
  • Reducing the cost of claims
  • Improving the claims profits leading to reduced insurance premiums

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Claims Defensibility – Mock Trial Training factsheet:


“Claims Defensibility Mock Trial training highlighted the importance of thorough and detailed investigations to our frontline investigators and how evidence gathering can have a direct impact on the ability to successfully defend claims”.

Managing Director, Gloucester Airport


“I would not hesitate to recommend the Mock Trial to other companies who wish to gain an insight into the trial process whilst also learning how to put themselves in a better position to defend against claims for personal injury”.

Head of Purchasing & Logistics, Inventive Leisure