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Trusted Partnerships

An organisation’s risk landscape is broad and the support required is constantly changing. Third parties are often relied on to provide expertise outside of normal business operations and it can be difficult to find the right one when there are hundreds providing the same service.

What are Trusted Partnerships?

MThe requirement for support is continually expanding and organisations need operators who understand the link between the services they offer and an organisation’s risk management programme.

Willis Towers Watson has developed a number of trusted partnerships to support organisations. These partnerships cover a wide variety of services but all understand how they need to complement effective risk management programmes.

What are the benefits?

Trusted partnerships provide access to a wider range of services which compliment an organisation’s risk management needs, both strategically and operationally. They will ultimately deliver service providers that achieve results on set objectives, giving organisations confidence to focus on business operations.

Some of the benefits of trusted partnerships include:

  • Vetted service providers that share similar Willis Towers Watson values and service excellence
  • More effective use of finances through proven, results driven service providers
  • Alignment to insured and non-insured risk requirements
  • Reduced time spent on vendor search and procurement processes

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Trusted Partnership factsheet:

Case study:

A UK environmental services organisation with over 15,000 employees approached Willis Towers Watson as they were having a specific challenge in aligning a new contract with the company-wide incident performance benchmark.

Specifically, the incident data available within the business was misaligned with the new contract and the accident rates were significantly higher with no evidence of change. Additionally, there was a higher than acceptable incident rate (including 3rd party incidents), which was having a negative impact on insurance premiums for public liability.

After careful consideration, Willis Towers Watson specialists introduced a trusted partner that had specific experience of this type of challenge. The service provider was engaged by the client and subsequently agreed on a three year programme.

Since appointment, the service provider aligned company-wide incident performance benchmark achieving:

  • 30% reduction in accident rates have decreased by
  • 40% reduction of incident claims by 3rd parties