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Willis Blue

Organisations gather information on internal risk functions using a variety of tools, such as surveys, to better understand their risk profile and identify areas of weakness.

Surveys often provide little value because actions may not be clear and relevant, or recommendations are not implemented.

What is a Willis Blue?

Willis Blue is a proprietary web-based survey tool that helps organisations compare risk management performance on a consistent basis across multiple locations in a dynamic, real- time environment.

Results are presented in a user friendly coloured grid enabling ‘good performers’ and ‘hot spots’ to be easily identified. Output can be shared across an organisation, providing stakeholders a common view and the ability to add comments on suggested recommendations via tracking.

What are the benefits?

Willis Blue helps organisations create a risk aware culture to reduce incidents which will ultimately have a positive impact on the placement and renewal of insurance cover.

Specific benefits include:

  • Reduction in accidents, lost time, fines and claims as risk management standards improve
  • Ease of use – the colour coded table makes this a powerful, ‘at a glance’ management tool
  • Identification and prioritisation of systemic, company-wide issues
  • Highly specific solution to meet an organisation’s unique business needs
  • Flexibility as categories can change along with priorities
  • Transparency over which sites are under-performing or excelling in risk mitigation activities, allowing a focus on areas for improvement and highlights best practice
  • Promotes local accountability for risk management performance as ratings are easily compared with other similar sites
  • Tracking recommendations and improvements

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Willis Blue factsheet:

Case study:

A manufacturing organisation was experiencing high frequency of employee injuries resulting in higher costs through increased premiums and claims expenditure.

Willis Towers Watson specialists addressed specific needs, like reducing costs and harmonising existing compliance with established standards, in order to tailor the Willis Blue solution to improve their overall position on risk.

By conducting a Willis Blue, the organisation achieved the following results:

  • Greater control over the situation by senior management built on improved understanding
  • Reduction in ultimate costs by 40% during first two years
  • Global compliance and regulatory standards were achieved
  • Loss costs were allocated fairly and transparently across operations
  • Capital was re/deployed accurately and efficiently
  • The process gave the incentive for cultural change via performance accountability, which has now become standard for continuous improvement
  • Annual 8:1 return on initial investment