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Willis Towers Watson Networks is a community designed to nurture the growth and aspiration of our Network Members. We provide access and relationships with an A-rated insurer panel, expertise within Willis Towers Watson and support from like-minded colleagues to achieve your goals.

Our proposition is quite simple: retain your independent status and we will support your aspiration.

Willis Towers Watson uses Network Members to place its SME business and does not compete for business in this space. We provide our Network Members with a wide range of resources, including personalised marketing consultancy, unique policy wordings, bespoke training & development, and expert business planning, IT and compliance support.

What can Willis Towers Watson Networks offer you?

Do you stand out above your competition? We have the resources and leverage to give you the edge without competing with you in the SME arena.

As a Member of Willis Towers Watson Networks, you will benefit from the resources of a global insurance broker, giving you a stronger market presence while retaining your independence as a Regional Broker. It’s one of our unique selling points.

We will help you develop and strengthen your insurer relationships with our A-rated panel, reviewing your broking strategy to ensure you are making your book work to your best advantage, without compromising any exclusive deals you may have.

We do not compete against our Network Members for SME business like some other Networks who will regularly compete against you, despite being part of their Network. Willis Towers Watson actually passes leads into our Network Members, week in, week out. We made a strategic decision to exit the SME sector and put our full and exclusive support behind our Network Members in helping them to grow.

We negotiate wider policy wordings and exclusive products, providing technical help with wording queries when you need it, particularly in tricky or unusual claims situations.

All of this and more gives you the platform to deliver optimum value and outstanding cover to your clients, helping you to build your business.

Not Every broker can be a Willis Towers Watson Networks Broker

We seek Network Members who are keen to engage in the Networks activities, work with our partner insurers and to grow their business.

To find out more visit www.wtwnetworks.com or click to contact our Business Development Team Simon.Clegg@willistowerswatson.com or Katherine.Dalligan@willistowerswatson.com.